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A postcard from Hull - Ferensway

GasShowrooms, Ferensway, Hull Trippet's The Kingston Hotel stood on a corner - a popular gethering place for the "posh ladies of the night" during the 1950s and 60s. Zimmerman's Furniture Store Blundell's Corner Ferensway
The Trippets and, to the right, Zimmerman's, later to become Argos and T.J. Hughes.

Electricity Showrooms, Ferensway, Hull Electricity Showrooms Paragon Station Ferensway St Stephen's(?)
Corporation Electricity Showrooms, erected in 1933
Paragon Square Hammonds of Hull The Boer War Memorial and Cenotaph City Banks PAragon Square and Paragon Street Ferensway Jameson Street
Pre-war postcard of Paragon Square
Paragon Square Hammonds The Banks Boer War Memorial Cenotaph Ferensway
Paragon Square & the old Hammonds store
Regal Cinema The Regal Electricity Showrooms Small concession shops Trippet's Stores Ferensway Area of bomb damage which became a 'temporary' car park - unti the year 2006!
The Regal Cinema, shown here in 1943, opened in 1934.
Built in 17 weeks by Hull builder Robert G.Tarran
Paragon Street Station Hotel Station Hotel
Station Hotel
Paragon Station Boer War Memorial Garden Paragon Station (Part of0 Station Hotel Railway Offices
Paragon Station - pre WW1

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