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RSM Andy Samuels

Regular soldier RSM Andy Samuels was a Sergeant in the 5th Battn of the EY Regiment.  He was born in Scotland but came to Hull aged 14 and joined the army in 1919.  After being taken prisoner in the Western Desert, and after some time as a PoW in North Africa and Italy, by 1944 he was a Camp Leader in Stalag IVB which was situated about 39 miles north east of Leipzig.  Andy Samuels has been described as a true leader, a man who brought stability to leadership, set an example to other and put the needs of other before his own safety.
When the war ended and the PoW camps were liberated, he was the last person on the last lorry sent to evacuate Stalag IVB and only climbed aboard when he was sure no-one else had been left behind.  Notably, he rescued a young German, merely a boy, who had been forced into service against the advancing Russians.  Andy gave this lad food, clothing and a signed identity as a Private in the ER Regiment to get him away from the Russians who would have killed him.  The boy survived the war and got home.  He became a teacher and on being contacted years later said that he owed his life to Andy Samuels.
Andy returned to Hull and lived on there for many years.
Andy's story appears in the book 'Copper Wire' by Robert Harding, which is dedicated to 5 brave men, one of whom is RSM Andy Samuels.

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