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Victorian Personalities of Hull

The City of Hull is proud to boast many famous and distinguished personalities, both past and present. There are also one or two infamous characters we'd probably much sooner hide away! There are a great many more we've forgotten, so please add a personality to our lists.
A selection of local personalities born during the Victorian era.
Born Died Name Bio
1820 1887 Henry Redmore The Humberside artist Henry Redmore is recognised as one of Britain's greatest marine painters.
1821 1891 Zachariah Charles Pearson Through his efforts and generosity in donating the land to the City in 1860, Hull had its first public park.
1830 1875 John Deighton
(Gassy Jack)
He became a sailor, first on British ships, then switched to American ships because, according to Ancient Mariner, of the "better quality and greater quantity of provisions." He served on the clipper ship Invincible from New York to San Francisco, where he left the ship and made for the California gold diggings.
1831 1897 Foster Earle Major character in the continued development of the cement making process.
1834 1923 John Venn Hull born mathematician. He is best known for Venn diagrams, pictorially representing the relations between sets. Bookshelf
1836 1929 Rev James Sibree Architect, missionary, naturalist and author of the books 'Recollections of Hull'.
1841 1879 George Townley Fullam Master's Mate aboard the CSS Alabama during the American Civil War. A journal of his service aboard the Alabama was published as The Journal Of George Townley Fullam, edited by Charles G. Summersell.
1842 1920 Christopher Pickering You can't visit West Hull without hearing the Pickering name. A genuine rags to riches tale.
1842 1927 Thomas Jacques Somerscales Highly regarded international artist who produced a huge painting for the Santiago Congress Building.
1843 1902 William Day Keyworth Gifted son of sculptor/architect father of same name. Trained in London and had studio there as well as in Hull. Many examples of his work can be seen all over Hull, including notably Sir Michael de la Pole and the figure of William Wilberforce in the front garden of Wilberforce House. Keyworth sculpted the memorial in Westminster Abbey to Rowland Hill, founder of the penny post and the four lions outside Leeds Town Hall.
1843 1925 James Ward Hull born psychologist and philosopher. He studied for the Congregationalist ministry at Cambridge, but after a one-year scholarship at Göttingen studying physiological psychology under Hermann Lotze, abandoned his religious ministry and continued his studies at Cambridge, where he became a fellow. He established a laboratory for psychological research, and was appointed professor of mental philosophy and logic at Cambridge.
1845 1915 David Parkinson Garbutt Creator of 'The Avenues Estate', by the age of 13, had his own business buying and selling fish.
1847 1930 Thomas Ferens Arriving in Hull during 1868 to work for Reckitt's, Thomas Ferens became one of Hull's greatest benefactors.
1850 1933 Charles Charter Founder member of the Hull Institute of Estate Agents and publisher of the 'Homefinder'.
1853 1932 Digby Willoughby A tale of corruption and fraudulent dealings in Hull City Council.
1854 1941 Alfred Gelder Ex Mayor and well know benefactor whose name is well known by all.
1856 1940 Francis Askew How does a Druid, Baptist and Hull's first Labour politition end up as a Gipsyville school?
1859 1937 Julia Turpin Famous Hessle Road midwife between the mid 1880's and mid 1930's. Read her story as related by her granddaughter Julie.
1872 1949 Jack Townsend Founder of Townsend's Wines & Spirits and one-time Captain of Hull Football Club.
1875 Maurice Phillip Local poet and director of R.H. Phillip and Son, edible oil processors.
1876 1945 Thomas Sheppard Forty years the curator of Hull Museum, he amassed the finest provincial collection in the whole of Europe.
1935 William Flint Popular retailers and the first tradesman to open a shop between Park Grove and Dewsbury Street.
1937 Frederick Zerny Founder of Zerny's Hull's well known dry cleaning business in 1892.
1880 1964 George Rushton Creditied as being the very first Hull City goal scorer when they played their first game in 1904.
1882 1944 Thomas Stainforth Assistant curator to Tom Sheppard with an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural history of East Yorkshire.
1884 1967 Joseph Groves Boxhall Joseph Boxhall survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, when he was put in charge of one of the lifeboats. 
1886 1970 Ethel Leginska One of the most talented musicians of the 20th century was born plain 'Ethel Liggins' here in Hull.
1887 1957 Edward Spencer Rylatt 'Mad Rylatt' was a well-known Hessle Road Skipper and hero of the First World War.
1887 1989 Re. Mother Philomena Hobson Head of the French Convent School, Park Grove, between 1916 and 1972.
1888 1972 J(oseph) Arthur Rank Hull born Film magnate who became chairman of many film companies, including Gaumont-British and Cinema-Television, and did much to promote the British film industry, owning a chain of 600 cinemas. Book & Film Gallery
1890 1917 Jack Harrison Rugby League's only recipient of the Victoria Cross.
1893 1957 Dorothy Leigh Sayers Dorothy Sayers lodged at number 80 from 1916-1917 while a teacher in Modern Languages at Hull High School for Girls.
Cloggie Walsh Everybody knew him, but did he really exist? Just who was the original Cloggie Walsh?
1896 Edward Milne Astrophysicist, born in Hull. Assistant director of the Cambridge Solar Physics Observatory (1920-4), he became professor of mathematics at Manchester (1924-8) and Oxford (from 1928). He made notable contributions to the study of cosmic dynamics, and estimated the age of the universe to be c.2 thousand million years.
1896 1985 Sir Alister Hardy Nottingham born marine biologist who served on the Discovery expedition in the Antarctic (1924-8), and in 1928 founded the oceanographic department at Hull University, where he was professor of zoology.
1897 1989 Margot Bryant Margot Bryant was born in Hull in 1897, the daughter of a doctor. She made her professional debut in the chorus line before graduating into musical comedies.
1899 1973 G. Stanley Atkinson The first Labour Sherrif of Hull and developer of the popular Dorchester Hotel.

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