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Georgian Personalities of Hull

The City of Hull is proud to boast many famous and distinguished personalities, both past and present. There are also one or two infamous characters we'd probably much sooner hide away! There are a great many more we've forgotten, so please add a personality to our lists.
Born Died Name Bio
  1829 John Alderson MD Founder of the Sculcoates Refuge for the insane where "Every attempt consistent with humanity will be made to restore the patient."
1753 1827 Richard Johnson Born in Norfolk and educated at Hull Grammar School, he went on to become Australia's very first clergyman.
1759 1833 William Wilberforce Elected as a Member of Parliament at the age of twenty-one and later became known as 'The Nightingale of the House of Commons'. Leading figure in the campaign to abolish the slave trade. Bookshelf
1771 1845 Sydney Smith
English clergyman, writer, and wit, ordained in the Church of England in 1794. In 1798 he went as a tutor to Edinburgh, where he studied medicine, occasionally preached, and with Jeffrey and others founded (1802) the Edinburgh Review. Bookshelf
1798 1849 John Ward Talented artist excelling in portraying ships. Ferens Art Gallery and Hull Maritime Museum hold many examples of his work. Also exhibited at Royal Academy.
1799 1852 Thomas Binks Painted pictures of whaling ships in the ice and other marine views. Several paintings in the Ferens Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum. Has a painting in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

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