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Blaydes House


The exact date Blaydes House was built is unknown, but the architectural evidence would suggest the 1730/1740s with later modifications, of which the ornamentation of the entrance and staircase halls, probably by Joseph Page, could be one.

In social and political terms, the Blaydes were prominent among the High Street families in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, providing Hull five Chamberlains, five Sheriffs and three Mayors. The first family members to be recorded in Hull were the brothers William and James Blaydes (variously Blades or Blaides). William, from whom the family at Blaydes House was descended, was born about 1550 and became a freeman of Hull in 1576. His grandson James Blaydes (died 1657) married Ann Marvell, sister of the renowned and incorruptible 'poet-patriot', Andrew Marvell, who was one of Hull's Members of Parliament in the troubled years of the seventeenth century.

When Blaydes House passed out of the ownership of the family is unknown. It seems likely that they continued into the nineteenth century, trading under the name of Blaydes, Loft, Gee and Company, after which the Blaydes seem to have left Hull, with one son (Benjamin) moving to Cheltenham, while another (Hugh) purchased Ranby Hall, Notts, where he resided as a 'gentleman'.

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