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Ships at Sea

From The National Archives SP 12/209, 75. I. ff.116, 116v  attached to a letter dated 7th April 1588.

The names of the ships and number of mariners belonging to the town of Kingston upon Hull which are (at this present) about their traffique in the parts beyond the seas.

At the Wardhouse
The Marie Rose of the burthen of one hundreth and twenty tons wherein there went thirty-six men. 
The Angelyver of the burthen of seventy tons wherein there went thirty men
The Haire burthen 80 tons, men are 34  
The Whyte Hinde burthen 70 tons, men 30 
The Salomon 120 tons, men 36 
The Tobie burthen 60 tons, 24 men 
The Hoapwell burthen 110 tons, men 34 
The Whyte Beare burthen 70 tons, men 30 
The Phenixe burthen 65 tons, men 24 
The Samarytain burthen of 50 tons, 20 men 
Total 289 men

Ships at Stade
The Hopewell burthen 90 tons, men 16 
The George of Berwick burthen 60 tons, men 14 
The Prymrose 70 tons, men 14 
Total 44 men 

Ships in France 
The Marie Fortune burthen of 80 tons, men 14 
The George burthen 80 tons, men 14
The Unycorne burthen 70 tons, men 12 
The Lyon burthen 100 tons, men 14      
Total 54 men 

Ships at Newcastle 
The Providence burthen 60 tons, men 10  
The Fawkon 60 tons, men 10 
The Jacobb burthen 44 tons, men 8 
The Gillyver burthen 40 tons, men 10 
The Christofer burthen 36 tons, men 8 
The Old George burthen 50 tons, men 9 
The Elizabeth 83 tons, men 12 
Total  67 men 

Ships at London 
The Handmaid of the burthen 60 tons, men 12 
The Talbott burthen of 50 tons, men are 10 
The Ma[illegible] burthen 50 tons, men 10 
The Cristofer of the burthen 30 tons, 7 men
Total 36 men 

There is pressed the 6th of April by Christofer Chapman ninety-four men. More pressed at the first setting forth of her Majesty’s Navy, which remain yet in service, one hundreth and five men 

The number of the ships abroad are 28  And of the men 502 

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