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Lewd Persons, Players or Settlers out of Plays

The following is an extract from Hull City Archives Bench Book Four BRB2 f.325v. 27th September 1599:

Whereas heretofore and yet there are resorted to the town of Kingston upon Hull divers idle and lewd persons, players or setters out of plays or interludes within this town, to which plays many of the inhabitants here have gone and been present at, and spent their times and also their money in hearing such frivolous and vain exercises to the evil example of many.

For reformation whereof, and because the players are for the most part strangers and therefore not so conveniently restrained from playing, as inhabitants of this town from hearing, and for that the use thereof is thought to be very ungodly and wicked, it is therefore ordered and agreed by the Mayor and Aldermen of Kingston upon Hull that no burgess or inhabitant within the town of Kingston upon Hull, neither man nor woman, shall at any time hereafter resort, be or be present when any play or interlude is playing or showed in any place within Kingston upon Hull.

Upon pain that every such person offending therein to forfeit for every time and offence the sum of 2s. 6d. to the Mayor and Burgesses of Kingston upon Hull. And also that the owner of every house or place where such plays or interludes are played or heard shall for every offence or time forfeit 20s. to the use aforesaid.

6 shillings was a weekly wage for a skilled man

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