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The Parisi Tribes


Background information

The Parisi were originally immigrants from Gaul and share their name with the tribe that occupied modern day France. Fairly obvious from their name, they gave the French capital it's name.


Petvaria (Brough on Humber, Humberside)

The suspected Civitas capital, and the only polis ascribed to the tribe by Ptolemy, its official status was only that of a vicus.

Delgovicia? (Millington, East Yorkshire)

Minor settlement included a temple.

Derventio (Malton, North Yorkshire)

Roman fort with attached minor settlement or vicus.

North Ferriby (East Yorkshire)

Site of an old Celtic settlement, and the northern terminus of a ferry over the Humber estuary to South Ferriby, in the territories of the Coritani.

Rudston (East Yorkshire)

Villa with crude but effective mozaics, on the road to the east coast near Bridlington.

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